Parent Teacher Conference about Grade 2 Jack
Updated: 1/16/2020
Parent Teacher Conference about Grade 2  Jack
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Jack is a Grade 2 student, who achieved low performance in recent formative and summative literacy assessments. He has difficulty to structure his writing. Most of his story writing didn’t include a clear sequence of events (beginning, middle and end). He only can complete his writing with a very few simple words but not in complete sentences. Thus, I invited Jack’s mom to come over and have a face-to- face conversation with her.

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  • Why thank you. Thank you very much.
  • I am doing fine. Thank you for asking.
  • Hello, Mrs. Zhou
  • Hello Mrs. Smith
  • Please make yourself comfortable. Have a seat.
  • I am glad that you came today. How are you?
  • Please tell me. Is my son doing well in school?
  • Jack is such a warm-hearted kid, he is doing very well in group work, he always offer help to other students. In their recent presentation of ‘introducing my family members’, he volunteered to be a timekeeper for other groups and held a poster for his group throughout their presentation time. He’s done a good job in team collaboration!
  • Wow! I do say that my son likes to be very active. I am glad he's doing well.
  • Jack really enjoys this unit, he showed a strong interest in different activities like group discussion and presentation.
  • Recently we are practicing story writing, students have learnt about how to structurally describe their real life experience including their best birthday, the most exciting summer and other topics.By this unit, they are expected to master how to write stories that include a short sequence of events and include a clear beginning, middle, and end
  • Oh my! Is there something I can do to help my son?
  • However, in recent assessment, Jack’s results are indicating he needs support of organising his writing structure and enrich his vocabulary. For example, in a writing task about best birthday. He only used 15 words to describe, which led to ‘insufficient’ in the course evaluation.
  • Okay. What should I do?
  • I would recommend you to train his writing in some fun and engaging ways. One of the methods is to write a weekly letter or thank you note to his best friend or relative. These letter can be short but please encourage him to use dynamic words and organized sentences.
  • Well, I hope to provide classroom support by adopting two methods: visible hints and peer support. I will explain rubrics to him in a more clear way and provide visual guidance for him to complete a writing activity, I will also set up a buddy program to all students. He will be assigned with a partner with more clear writing structure.Please don’t forget his improvement can be accelerated if you can also provide your support.
  • Many thanks, Mrs. Zhou
  • No. Thanks.
  • Hmm. Yes, I do believe this will be useful to help my son.
  • Do you think the suggestion is practical to you? Do you have any other questions?
  • Thank you for your time, Mrs. Smith.
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