Romulus and Remus Cartoon

Updated: 3/8/2021
Romulus and Remus Cartoon

Storyboard Text

  • The Twins
  • i messed up-
  • yay!
  • The River
  • How could you?!?
  • See ya!
  • The Savior
  • *calms river*
  • King Amulius and Rhea Silvia fall in love and have twin baby boys together named Romulus and Remus.
  • The Caretakers
  • Oh my gosh!
  • How the heck did they get here??
  • King Amulius gets afraid that one day Romulus and Remus will rule over him, so he tries to let the river kill them on its own becaus he didn't want to get blamed for the murder.
  • The Shepherds
  • Here! >:(
  • um hey..?
  • huh?
  • The River God, Tibernus, calms the water in the river so Romulus and Remus don't get hurt, and eventually their basket gets caught onto some roots from a fig tree.
  • The Argument
  • MY HILL!
  • AHH!!!
  • The twins were soon found by a she-wolf, but now long after, were found and taken/raised by some shepherds.
  • Romulus and Remus were found by some shepherds of King Amulius and brought them to him. King Amulius did not recognize them because he thought they were long gone and didn't know it was them. The twins then ended up killing King Amulius and became rulers themselves.
  • Romulus and Remus were arguing over what hill they should build Rome on, so they started arguing. Long story short, Romulus ended up killing Remus with a rock and built Rome on his own.