Updated: 5/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Amanda! long time no see what have you been up to?
  • Hey Emily! i have been good! i am just here on my work break to get a smoke in.
  • Oh. Well maybe you shouldn't smoke it's really bad for your body and you have a high chance of getting sick.
  • But it's so addicting. i've been smoking for awhile and it's super hard to stop.
  • Amanda: i have some cigarettes if you want one? Emily: Oh haha i'll pass no thanks.. why do you smoke anyway? Amanda: it's cool and it copes with my stress and helps to calm me down?
  • the Next day in Health class..
  • Learning Intention: The Short and Long terms Of smoking
  • hello class i hope you had a wonderful weekend today we will be looking at the dangers of smoking.
  • some long term effects are: stroke, poorer muscles, heart attack, emphysema, lung cancer, and weak bones.
  • learning intention: the short and long terms of smoking
  • Examples of short term effects are: shortness of breath, bad breath, increased blood pressure, and less brain oxygen
  • learning intention: the short and long terms of smoking
  • smoking also has a horrible impact on the environment as well as your families.