Multi-step equations sheet
Updated: 3/12/2020
Multi-step equations sheet
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  • Mr. Hart, i need help. Ive been having a really hard time understanding the lesson
  • Step 2) Combine
  • Lets talk about your work,
  • Multi-Step Equations
  • Step 1) Distribute
  • So kayla, since step 1 is distributing, how would you do this first step?
  • 6x-6=12
  • 2(4x-3)-8=4+2x
  • It would be 8x-6-8=4+2x because you multile what in the parenthesis
  • Now you would subtract.....??
  • ..I would subtract 2x from 8x making the equation 6x-6-8=4
  • 8x-6-8=4+2x
  • Step 3) Move variable to one side
  • Yes very good! now you would move variables to one side
  • 6x-6-8=4
  • i would add 8 to 4 making it 6x-6=12
  • ......
  • Step 4) Move constant to other side
  • Step 5)Isolate the variable
  • Yes! Now you move the constant to the other side
  • 6x=18
  • So i would add the 6 to the 12. Making my equation 6x=18
  • Final Answer: x=3I did it!!!
  • Step 5..? i would just divide 6 from 18. So X=3
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