1st POV OF
Updated: 1/10/2020
1st POV OF
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  • My name's James and I was getting ready for the day thatwas ahead of me. I don't hate school but it isn't exactly fun.
  • Already morning? Got to get to school.
  • That's my little sister, Lola. She loves going to school, unlikeme. I don't enjoy it because it doesn't appeal to me. A little while later, we started going to school.
  • Yeah, just eat your breakfast then we'll go.
  • Hello, big brother! Are you taking me to school today?
  • After I dropped off Lola, I went to my school. I don't like the noise and I prefer to keep to myself but I do have a friend.
  • This is my friend, Steve. He's a very good classmate, friend, and always does his work. We make a great team. He lifts my spirits when I'm down and probably the only person I trust.
  • However, Steve does go off on tangents very often. Most of thetime, I don't understand the topics he discusses but itnever matters since I space out during those conversations.
  • Towards the end of the day, I daydream through the classes, counting down the hours I have left until I have to go home. However, some students love to make a ruckus, causing me to find a distraction, like reading my favorite books.
  • HOMEWORKpg. 37-62
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