great gatsby story board
Updated: 6/8/2020
great gatsby story board
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  • The Green Light
  • Reunion Of Gatsby and Daisy
  • Confrontation between Tom and Gatsby
  • This image shows sort of the introduction of Gatsby. He reaches out and see's a green light. Nick and Jordan's search for him leads up to them "looking at an elegant young redneck, a year or two over 30". (Fitzgerald 48)
  • The Car Accident
  • Gatsby and Daisy have an encounter over tea. This is actually very important because he has built his whole life with reunitinig with the girl he fell in love with 5 years ago. When him and Daisy finally see each other, Gatsby is "awfully glad to see her again." (Fitzgerald 86)
  • Gatsby's House Party
  • Gatsby's fight with Tom is sort of the beginning of his downfall. Gatsby's fit of rage makes him show a side that he usually tries to hide. He tells Tom, "She never loved you! Do you hear?" (Fitzgerald 130)
  • Gatsby's Death
  • "The death car, as the newspapers called it didn't stop" and killed Tom's mistress Myrtle. (Fitzgerald 137) The event shows the integrity Gatsby possesses as he is willing to take the blame for the killing. This also reveals the cowardliness of Daisy.
  • This is when "Nick and Jordan get invited to Gatsby's house party" (Fitzgerald 64). This is where Gatsby hosts his super luxurious parties. This is also when he is introduced to the other rich characters in the novel.
  • This image shows Gatsby's death, which represents the sad outcome in his life. His death and funeral was lonely. Daisy didn't even show up, nor did she "send a message or a flower". (Fitzgerald 174)
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