The Necklace 1st Hour
Updated: 9/16/2019
The Necklace 1st Hour
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A story about the necklace in my own words

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  • Why am I so poor that I cant afford a nice set of jewelry and more evening dresses
  • I have come with great joy in a letter that invites you to a dance for the rich.
  • But I have nothing to where.
  • Can I borrow some jewelry for a party
  • Of course, here you can use anyone you like.
  • Madame Loisel was a rich and charming young woman that was very unhappy that she had nothing to show for it. She was very distressed and sad, because she had no jewelry for her to show others.
  • I am so happy nothing can go wrong.
  • Her husband Loisel was very worried about his wife so he pulled a few strings for her to go to a big dance for all the rich people, because he wanted her to get out and have fun. When Madame Loisel finally budged to to go she bought a nice evening dress.
  • How could this have happened
  • After Madame Loisel agreed to give her 400 francs for a dress she went to her friends house to borrow a piece of jewelry. Once at her friends house she was allowed to borrow her friends diamond necklace.
  • I wish I never lost the necklace
  • During the party Madame Loisel was getting all the glory and she loved it, because she finally felt appreciated. During the party she was enjoying being the star of the show and once she was ready leave she was on top of the world.
  • While the Loisel where walking home Madame Loisel lost the necklace. Once the Loisels got home Madame Loisel was very distraught because she didn't know where the necklace went.
  • Once the Loisel got home they bought a new necklace and worked to pay off the dept. Once Madame Loisel was done with her house chores she went out for a walk and met her friend that she bought the necklace for and confessed that she lost the original necklace and she was very sad because she didn't have the house she used to have. However her friend then told her that her original necklace was a fake and that made Madame Loisel even more distressed knowing that she over paid to keep and good relation ship with her friend.
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