AP Bio Project part two
Updated: 1/6/2021
AP Bio Project part two

Storyboard Text

  • Pathogen
  • Pathogen (brother) decides to enter the body (his sisters room)
  • pathogen
  • I wonder what sis is up to... I'm going to destroy her room
  • leave me ALONE
  • First Line of Defense
  • The first line of defense comes from Skin (the door) does not let the virus (boy) enter.
  • Cell AKA sister's room
  • let me IN!
  • Second Line of Defense
  • The second line of defense comes from threatening words (fever) and throwing food (Leukocytes). This does not phase the pathogen (boy).
  • I told you to leave me ALONE. *throws food at brother
  • Third Line of Defense (memory)
  • The sister remembers that her mom (killer T cell) recognizes when this invasion happens
  • Last time he left was when I called mom
  • Third Line of Defense
  • Killer T cell (mom) comes to kill the unshaken pathogen (boy) from the cell (sisters bedroom)
  • Killer T cell
  • Time to go buddy. Your sister doesn't want you destroying her room again
  • Memory of Pathogen
  • Now I know that when I hear little foot steps to LOCK my door and call mom.
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