Black Cat Part 2
Updated: 11/9/2018
Black Cat Part 2
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  • A few nights later I was at a bar when I noticed a black cat sitting on a barrel in the corner. I walked up to it and petted it for a few minutes. Then I tried to leave, but the cat followed me home.
  • The next day I noticed the cat was missing a missing an eye (which made my wife love it more because it reminded her of Pluto). Over the next few days, it developed a white ring around its neck.
  • After a couple days, I couldn't stand looking at the cat because it reminded of too much of my past. I got an ax and went to the basement to kill it. My wife tried to stop me, so I killed her instead. I realized what I had done, so I took her body, found a soft spot in the wall and hid her.
  • After 4 days, the police showed up at my house asking where my wife was. I showed them around the house and even in the basement. Then a loud meowing, like a cat dying, came from the wall. The police opened the wall up and my wife fell out. Turns out I locked the stupid cat in with her body.
  • And that's the story of my life, the story that has haunted me, and the story of why I'm here in jail. 
  • Get up, buddy. It's your time.
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