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The marriage of Prince Casimir
Updated: 9/24/2019
The marriage of Prince Casimir
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  • Oh dear! I hate to see my dear son so miserable, that evil Elvina does bewitching, and I won't allow it!
  • Quite right, dear!
  • Exposition Prince Casimir Mountbatten is quite upset! Soon to be crowned, he needs to marry a princess. His parents, King Emmanuel and Queen Leila, want him to marry fair and noble Princess Charlotte. To Casimir, Princess Charlotte is quite...boring. Prince Casimir wants to marry the magical and beautiful Princess Elvina, but the king and queen won't let him because she does what they call "bewitching".
  • If I can't have Elvina, I won't marry anybody!
  • Prince Casimir better shape up if he going to be my husband!
  • I refuse to be crowned!
  • Conflict Prince Casimir is quite the stubborn type. He tells his parents that he refuses to marry Charlotte. If he can't marry Elvina, he will to be crowned too! Now the king and queen are really worried now. Princess Charlotte is quite offended.
  • He always the stubborn type...
  • What a dilemma!
  • Who wouldn't want to marry me!
  • Rising Action King Emmanuel comes up with a quick solution. He suggests to visit Elvina to she what she has to say (actually he wants to show his son how evil Elvina actually is!). Casimir quickly cheers up and leads his family to the magical hole he uses to visit Elvina. Charlotte comes along because she believes there will be drama.
  • I have a bad feeling about this!
  • Get ready to jump everyone!
  • As soon as he sees Elvina, he'll be ready to marry Charlotte!
  • This is going to be juicy!
  • RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hello dearest!
  • Climax When they arrive... they find Elvina doing bewitching!!! The King, Queen, and Charlotte start to scramble back to the magical hole to get away from her as quick as they can. Only Casimir stays, admiring the Princess he loves. His parents believe he is oblivious to the danger Elvina is causing.
  • Falling Action Suddenly, the KIng and Queen are standing in a beautiful grassland. King
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