Accept Ants

Updated: 5/13/2020
Accept Ants

Storyboard Text

  • The 7th grade class is going to play dodgeball. One student, Mary, always gets picked last. She is hoping things will be different this time... Or not.
  • And last, but *maybe* least, I choose Mary
  • The next gym class...
  • Maybe I should choose Mary, she never gets picked. But her hair smells bad, and she runs so slowly... Nah
  • Later...
  • And finally, Mary
  • Again?
  • At recess later that day...
  • Maybe we should pick Mary earlier this time. She looks sad, and even though she's a bit different than us, she still deserves to be accepted
  • Good idea!
  • Next gym class...
  • And the first pick is...
  • And this is the part where I wait until the end...
  • The moral of this story is that all it take is kindness and acceptance to make someone's life that much better.
  • Mary!
  • Yayyy!