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biology virus project
Updated: 11/17/2020
biology virus project
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  • You are a cute little bunny
  • Ouch! You bit me!
  • Oh no I might get infected with rabbies!
  • Hello Doc I have been bit by a rabbit and want to check if I got the rabies virus
  • Interesting!
  • I know! But if you don't directly go to the doctor and take the vaccination you can die!
  • Ah yes, The Rabies is a viral infection of the brain that is transmitted by animals and that causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Thanks Doc! ill make sure to be careful next time. I had no idea this was such a horrible virus.
  • It sure is! Please stay away from wild animals as they could have an infection that could infect you!
  • Hey! Its you again! I got curious about the Topic that we discussed bout earlier and wanted to ask if you would be able to answer questions
  • Ok so, How long does it take for rabies to kill someone
  • Wow!
  • Death usually occurs 2 to 10 days after first symptoms.
  • Aha! Well the topic was interesting indeed. What would you like to know more about?
  • How long odes it usually take for the virus to reach the brain?
  • Ok next question. What does rabies virus do when entering your body?
  • The virus typically takes at least 10 days—usually 30 to 50 days—to reach the brain
  • From the point of entry, the. rabies virus travels along nerves to the spinal cord and then to the brain, where it multiplies. From there, it travels along other nerves to the salivary glands and into the saliva. Once the rabies virus reaches the spinal cord and brain, rabies is almost always fatal.
  • Ok one last question! What is the Rabies virus shaped like?
  • Wow I finally understand what the rabies virus is! Thank you so much!!
  • You are very welcome! Stay safe bye!
  • This is an Interesting one! Rabies virions are bullet-shaped with 10-nm (nanometre) spike-like glycoprotein peplomers covering the surface.
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