BB12O0-C Harriet Tubman Storyboard
Updated: 2/11/2020
BB12O0-C  Harriet Tubman Storyboard
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  • How dare you talk back to your master. You will be punished for this!
  • Araminta Ross, supposedly born in 1820, was the daughter of two slaves. She grew up on a plantation in Maryland, where she had household chores and the responsibility of caring for children since the age of 5.
  • Minty (as she was called) lived afar from her family, and she was forced to do hard work in the fields such as, picking cotton, plowing fields, and clearing timber in the hot sun.
  • She received constant abuse and mistreatment on a regular basis, including getting whipped, starved, beat, etc. She also suffered a traumatic head wound early on, which caused spells of hypersomnia not to mention scars and bruises from mistreatment.
  • When Minty heard rumours that she and her brothers were going to be sold, she began to plan her escape. It was risky, but trying to escape was a better option than being sold to the South. Also her desire for freedom and trust in god (religious beliefs) guided her to the right path.
  • Minty set off on her journey to freedom at night, following the North star, and having god as her guide. Later changing her name to Harriet Tubman (Harriet being her moms name and Tubman being her husbands last name), she successfully escaped to Pennsylvania.
  • Later on, Harriet Tubman became a famous conductor on The Underground Railroad, and was named "Moses" due to her courage and ability. She continued to help many other slaves escape to freedom (including her family and friends ).
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