Water Cycle
Updated: 5/19/2020
Water Cycle

Storyboard Text

  • Hi there! I'm Drip! I'm a water droplet that's about to go through the water cycle. You should come along!
  • Since it's a sunny day, the heat is causing me to evaporate into the sky! I wonder where I go?
  • As I go up, I turn into water vapor and gradually cool as I rise into the atmosphere. When I cool down I turn into water again that forms clouds up in the sky which is called condensation.
  • Hey I'm here! Since the cloud I'm in is full, it's about to rain. All the water in the cloud makes it too heavy which causes precipitation.
  • After I fell from the sky I landed on a hill where I ran down and caused run-off, the excess water than doesn't get absorbed into the ground.
  • Transpiration is also important. It's when water goes through plants.
  • Now that I'm back, the cycle starts over again! See ya!