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6 elements of plot
Updated: 4/27/2020
6 elements of plot
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movie- finding nemo

Storyboard Text

  • Finding Nemo (Exposition)
  • Finding Nemo (Conflict)
  • Finding Nemo (Rising Action)
  • hi im dory
  • hi im marlon
  • Marlon and his wife are in the coral reef. Marlon's wife is killed. Marlon's eggs are all killed except for one (Nemo). Nemo's egg is damaged. Marlon is overprotective of Nemo. Nemo's first day of school.
  • Finding Nemo (Climax)
  • Nemos conflict - Nemo is captured by the sucba divers.Marlons conflict - Marlon is too protective of Nemo; because of this Nemo decides to put himself in danger. Marlon does't trust anyone.
  • Finding Nemo (Faliing Action)
  • Marlon and Dory meets. Marlon andDory find the landmine and the angler fish. Nemo is put in the aquarium at denist office. Nemos gonna be darlas gift. Nemo and other fish make a plan for them to escape. Marlon and Dory meet the sea turtles. Marlons mission is being heard all over the ocean. They get eaten by a whale Dory rescues them and earns Marlons trust. Nemos plan to ecape is ruined. A bird eats dory and marlon. Nemo acts dead to escape. Marlon goes home, dory meets nemo.
  • Finding Nemo (Resolution)
  • Maron and Nemo are finally reunited. Dory gets caught in a fish net. Nemo tells her to keep swimming down. Marlon learns that he has to trust and believe in his son. Dory gets saved.
  • Marlon, Nemo, and Dory make it back to the coral reef. Squirt goes to school with Nemo. Dory attends "fish are friends" meetings with the sharks.
  • Nemo now gives his dad hugs before he goes to school. Marlon tells Nemo to have an adventure because he has learned to trust him. The aquarium fish make it back to the ocean.
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