Trigonometry Comic Strip

Updated: 5/13/2020
Trigonometry Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • A new road is being made, the engineers know how wide they need the cross walk, (4 feet). They need a sign to be seen by a new stop sign detecting machine with an angle of elevation of 60°. The sign, using tangent, can be 6.93 feet tall.
  • The Detector Company By Lucas Chinchiolo
  • x/4=tan(60)
  • The engineers of the stop sign detectors want to implement a stop light detector into the stop sign detector with the same 60° angle of elevation.
  • x=cos^-1(12/24)
  • The engineers want their new light, which is 24 feet from the front of the car to the top and 12 feet from the front of the car to the bottom of the light, to work. Will the new system with 60° angle of elevation work? Yes, the angle needed to detect the street light is 60°, and the machine can detect up to 60°
  • A new company is in town and they specialize in street sign detectors. A new sign is being introduced to the city and they want their machine to work.
  • The angle of elevation of the new machine is 50°. The engineers know that the new sign will be 30 feet tall. How close can the sign be to the detector to still be detected. The sign will still be detected until 39.16 feet away.
  • 30/x=sin(50)
  • The street sign detector company was ultimately bought out by the stop sign detector company for 4.6 million USD. The street sign detector, under new owner ship changed their angle of elevation to 60 and combined it with the stop sign detector. This company was renamed to the detector company and sold to Tesla for 7.6 billion USD and implemented into the Tesla auto pilot feature.The end.