Updated: 3/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • i cant wait to publish this article! we worked so hard on it
  • yeah. we'll see our articles about divorce & teen pregnancy tomorrow in the paper
  • 1987
  • im sorry but i took down your articles because of the tinker test
  • because there was a due date.
  • you're taking away our freedom of speech and press!
  • why didnt you tell us?? we could of fixed it
  • what do we do?!!
  • what if we spoke out on the principal taking away out 1st amendment?
  • you cant do that! we are going to court!
  • we voted for the school
  • we voted against the school
  • 1988
  • this ruling was unfair
  • because of the ruling students now have less freedom of press and speech