part 2
Updated: 3/30/2020
part 2

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  • "What's up, Parker?" "I haven't seen you for a while." "We need to have a meeting." what is it Jake? I need to go back to the river. I guess this means we are not going to see each other very much,
  • Jake saw a swing. He noticed many people were partying at this spot. While Jake was swinging, he made a new friend and plopped into the water. "Hi, what is your name?" Gavin! Water flows to the ocean.
  • So, Gavin and Parker went to the ocean to hang out on the beach. Some more people were there so they asked to join a 2v2 volleyball game. They won the game 22 to 13. "Good job Gavin, we destroyed them" Heat energy causes evaporation.
  • Evaporation is the process when water turns into a gas or vapor because of the heat energy from the sun. It was getting pretty cold up there. "Ahh, we are falling." Precipitation is when water is falling back to earth as rain, snow, sleet or hail. Water condenses and falls onto the soil.
  • "We might be in soil." "We are going to be a plant." "No, I still want to be a water droplet." "Will we still be friends." Yes, let's play a little more before we are plants." Water is being absorbed by plants.
  • "We are beautiful flowers." "But, we can't play anymore." "I like being a flower." "We will always be friends, right?" "Yes, friends forever."