Beowulf's Arrival Timeline Pt.2

Updated: 9/10/2021
Beowulf's Arrival Timeline Pt.2

Storyboard Text

  • 7.The one where we meet Hrothgar
  • 8. The one with the backstory of Edgetheow and Hrothgar
  • 9. The one where Hrothgar welcomes us
  • Once Hrothgar accepts to talk to Beowulf, Beowulf introduces himself and where he's from indicating his loyalty for his clan, he goes on to explain his accomplishments and his intentions with a goal that Hrothgarwill accept his help.
  • Hrothgar later goes on to explain that this was his sign from above that they would be saved by this great warrior. Hrothgar trying to make himself look good In front of his people, goes on to explain how this was the Geats way of paying back a favor that Hrothgar once did for Beowulf's father.
  • Finally, after the interaction, Hrothgar agrees to allow Beowulf to help him and his people to get rid of Grendel so they could obtain peace and tranquility after 12 winters of being terrorized. Hrothgar welcomes them into Heorot and rewards them for their bravery.