Emelly And Sittal
Updated: 2/17/2020
Emelly And Sittal

Storyboard Text

  • The Green knight and Sir Gwain make a deal and the Knight's head is cut off.
  • "This ax, as heavy as he'll need, to handle as he likes / And I will abide the first blow, bare-necked as I sit." (lines 71-72)
  • After almost a year, Sir Gwain starts his journey to find the Knight as promised.
  • "To what kingdom he was carried no man there knew / No more than they knew what country it was he came from." (lines 191-192)
  • "The lord of the castle welcomes Gawain and invited him to stay with him and his lady for a few days..." (page 237)
  • When staying in Bertilak's home, Sir Gwain promises to give what he gets in the home back to Bertilak for food that Bertilak provides.
  • "The lord proposes that he will go out to hunt each day while Gawain stays at the castle. At the end of the day, they will exchange what they have won." (page 237)
  • Bertilak's wife gives Sir Gwain a sash to save him from being killed. He dose not return this to Bertilak.
  • " No man under Heaven can hurt him, whoever may try, / For nothing on earth, however uncanny, can kill him," (lines 225-226)
  • " No more strokes, my friend; you've had your swing!" (line 302)
  • He meets with the Green Knight and the Knight is unable to kill him. At the end the knight reveals himself as Bertilak.
  • "... I'm convinced / You're the finest man that has ever walked this earth." (lines 340-341)
  • By passing the test, Sir Gwain becomes known and respected.