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Science Class
Updated: 10/15/2019
Science Class
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  • Now Class we're going to go over Sir Issac Newton and the important discoveries he made.
  • Sir Isacc Newton was a major importance to physics. He discoveredd what we call gravity. Well of course it already existed but he was the first to study it. The tale goes he was sleeping under a tree when a apple fell and hit him on the head he then went on to discover more and more about physics.
  • Hmm, this apple has seem to have fallen from the tree and hit me on the head but why?
  • He also created what we know as Newtons 3 laws. He found that a object in motion tends to stay in motion, mass x acceleration equals force, and for every reaction there is a equal and opposite reaction.
  • When the ball hits the wall it stops.
  • Mass x Acceleration = Force
  • So if I take the mass and the acceleration of a object I can find the force .
  • So when this cannon fires it launches the same amount of force backwards.
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