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The Earthquake Part 2
Updated: 9/14/2020
The Earthquake Part 2
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Storyboard Text

  • Shot 4- Camera Shot: Wide Shot transition to a mid/medium shot. Diegetic sound:Screaming Nondiegetic sound: Suspenseful music.
  • Shot 5- Camera Shot: Long shot zooming into an extreme close up of the character's eyes. Nondiegetic sound: Crashing Diegetic sound: Footsteps, Breathing.
  • Shot 6- Camera Shot: Medium/Mid shot zooming out to a long shot. Nondiegetic sound: Happy Music Diegetic sound: CheeringNarrator: The power of generosity!
  • Shot Action: Two buildings are falling against each other, and distressed people under the buildings, screaming.Time: 8 seconds
  • Shot Action: Jack running to save the people under the building.Time: 12 seconds
  • Shot Action: Jack saves the people.Time: 10 seconds
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