Alternative Ending of Romeo and Juliet

Updated: 5/16/2021
Alternative Ending of Romeo and Juliet

Storyboard Text

  • Juliet is now on the other side of the world Romeo, didn't you know?
  • Friar Lawrence: No Romeo, it's only part of our plan. She only faked her death by drinking a sleeping poison, and you will retrieve her once she wakes up in Capulet Tomb.
  • Romeo: Friar, what's going on? Is it true? That my beloved is now dead?
  • When Romeo was informed about Juliet's death, instead of going crazy and making impulsive decisions, he went running straight to the Friar together with his friend.
  • Friar Lawrence: ....and that's it Paris, you should understand the both of them because they've really been through a lot. I know there's still a small part of your heart that wants Juliet to be happy with her love one, so please set her free.
  • When he arrives, he immediately inquires as to what is going on, to which Friar Lawrence replies that he has put Juliet to sleep.
  • Friar Lawrence: Our time is limited Romeo, we should get going before someone catches us.
  • Then the three of them head to her tomb to find Paris there.
  • The Friar tells him the entire story of Romeo and Juliet, which makes Paris terribly unhappy and drives him to flee in search of help.
  • When the Friar, Romeo and his friend enter the grave, they notice Juliet has begun to wake up. The Friar tells them to flee now as Romeo immediately approaches her beloved to check on her.
  • Because Paris cried for assistance, the watchmen came only to find out that the tomb is empty. Romeo, Juliet, the Friar, and Romeo's friend had already left by the time they arrived at the tomb.