Cody's storyboard about the underground railroad
Updated: 2/10/2020
Cody's storyboard about the underground railroad

Storyboard Text

  • Thomas sees Pluto when he is on his way to his new house. When he is doing that he looks out the window and sees a guy holding rabbits in a the rain and that Pluto.
  • Thomas was on his way to go into his house when all of a sudden he falls threw the porch. Then he figures out that he was in the underground tunnels.
  • Walter went into the kitchen and there was a huge mess in there. He might have knew who did it and he get them back for what they have done.(Suspense)
  • Thomas and Walter chase Pluto into his home and then they figure out Pluto has a son. Then they found a secret switch that leads somewhere?(Foreshadowing)
  • The smalls family get back at the Darrow's for what they did to the kitchen. So they had somebody hanging over the cave to scare them.