Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • One day the princess of The Seven Kingdoms grew bored. She had a multifarious amount of activities to part take in but they all grew a bit obsolete. Her parsimonious father didn't want her to meet anyone and fall in love before he can find a compatible sutor thus she was not allowed to leave the castle. Tonight the princess decided that she was going to sneak out of the castle but she was apprehensive about her plan.
  • Once the princess got to a place where she can revel and have fun all her worries disapred. While she was dancing she saw a young man with decrepit clothing making his way toward her. He was a suave young man with a bad fasion sence. He invited the princess out to dinner but the princess was recalcitrant if she should go or not.
  • The princess decided to go and live a little. The pair were omnivorous at the restaurant eating everything in sight. For the first time in the princess' life she felt free for the day.