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Saving Advice Pt1
Updated: 2/28/2020
Saving Advice Pt1
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  • Pass the ball Derrick
  • Must block him from getting the ball.
  • Shoot!! I didn't mean to
  • Owwww I think my leg is broken
  • Foul on number 14
  • I am I gonna be okay?
  • The bad news is the bill is going to be $2500
  • You have a broken bone in you leg.
  • A trade-off for Josh would be to stop playing basketball for a while
  • OH NOOOOOOOOO!It's okay I can pay for it.
  • What's the news doc?
  • meeowww!meoww.
  • You think I should open a savings account?
  • OK
  • Ok we can do that.
  • Yeah why?
  • A good time to use a savings account is for emergency uses and not a good time is when you need gas money
  • Savings Account: Saving $ not spent on goods or servicesLow interest rateless liquid than checkingNo minimum balance required.
  • I don't know I just thought I should open one now and start saving.
  • Would it be possible for me to open a savings account?
  • Here at a BB&T Bank we can help you with your financial goal.
  • What is interest? Interest is the amount of time money goes up in percentage.
  • Liquidity is how quickly something can be converted into cash.
  • What's liquidity?
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