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Updated: 9/24/2020
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  • 1763End of French and Indian war
  • Our King has never intervened before, why should he rule us now?
  • I can't believe we can't continue to settle west, we won the war!
  • June/July 1767 Parliament passed Townshend Duities
  • I cannot comprehend the fact that Parliament passed another act without the consent of the colonists!
  • We have no representatives in their government, how could they know what we want or need?
  • Do we really want representatives in Parliament, I think we are too far away for it to matter.
  • 1773 Boston Tea Party
  • Yes! The British will pay!
  • We shall show the British by dumping millions of dollars of tea into Boston harbor.
  • YEA
  • 1774The creation of the Intolerable Acts
  • If the colonists want to destroy our things, then we will close the harbor and make them pay us back!
  • We will come back in a year.
  • First Continental Congress Sept. 1774
  • We need a change in our leaders, we need to write a letter to Britain airing out grievances
  • July 4th, 1776Signing of the Declaration of Independence
  • Declaration Of Independence
  • We will finally become independent!
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