Kublai Khan

Updated: 9/10/2020
Kublai Khan

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  • He attacked china and conquered the song dynasty in china.
  • This is Kublai Khan
  • Kublai Khan was always adapting to new ideas.
  • Kublai, also known as the Emperor Shizu of Yuan, was the fifth khagan of the Mongol Empire, reigning from 1260 to 1294. He also founded the Yuan dynasty in China as a conquest dynasty in 1271, and ruled as the first Yuan emperor.
  • Kublai Khan was the fifth emperor (reigned 1260–94) of the Yuan (Mongol) dynasty (1206–1368). He conquered China in 1279, becoming the first Yuan ruler of all of China. He was partially responsible for the development of “dual principle” political theory. As ruler, he made paper money the sole medium of exchange.
  • Adopting New Ideas. His interest of other culture was not limited to science and trade. He was also very tolerant to foreign religions and his inclination towards modern Chinese culture. Kublai was a great sovereign leader who led his regions to prosperity.