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arron burr and alexander hamilton duel
Updated: 11/21/2020
arron burr and alexander hamilton duel
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  • The Dinner
  • wow how rude
  • I know right!?!
  • And once, he even told me to, "talk less, and smile more"
  • On The Newspaper
  • Can I have one?
  • of course Emily!
  • Newspaper
  • did you hear that Alexander H. called Burr ''untrustworthy"?!
  • Burr finds out
  • Gasp
  • Mr. Burr, this newspaper article talks about you and i thought you might like to read it
  • Alexander Hamilton no longer trusted Aaron Burr(sir) and thought he was untrustworthy. One day Hamilton got invited to a dinner with some friends and they talked about many things, including Aaron Burr(sir).
  • Rumors
  • ''I can't apologize because it's trueYou stand only for yourself, it's what you doI stand by what I said, every bit of it''
  • *Burr did not actually say this in real life*
  • But somehow, word got out that Alexander had called Burr untrustworthy and was even on the newspapaer.
  • The Duel
  • When Burr found out, he demanded an apology, but Hamilton refused and Burr got very mad.
  • Hamilton's Death
  • Fake rumors started spreading that Hamilton said worse stuff about Burr, and he and Hamilton got into a even bigger argument. Their friends tried to calm them down, but they VERY mad at each other and decided to fight a duel.
  • Then stand, AlexanderWeehawken, dawnGuns drawn
  • The duel was planned to be at 6 in the morning and in secret. No one knew they were going to duel. Alexander missed on purpose and hit a tree. Burr shot and hit him on the hip.
  • I'm sorry Emily
  • Alexander passed away the next day and everyone was very sad. Even people who didn't know him were sad! Some people wanted Burr to be arrested for murder.
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