Unknown Story
Updated: 2/24/2020
Unknown Story

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  • oh my god is it really you
  • I cant believe it is really you and what are you doing in Washington D.C
  • I can ask the same thing and also i cant even believe your right here in front of me this has to be a dream.
  • Well what you have been doing all these years
  • Well it all started After been sold away I went to a new home where they made me work so hard and hurt me really badly. I ran away to the north and got to Washington D.C where I meet Lincoln well before he die. where he took care of me and took me under his wings like how to be a power great leader.
  • Well i don't know were to began but i guess I will start when you got sold.When you left mom got really sick but before she die she hugged our master wife later they both die i'm sorry to say that.But after that our master got a new wife and she ok bout when the civil war happen she
  • how about you what have you been doing all these years.
  • I cant believe what I just hear your very strong you know that.
  • and she took care of me and all and i gave her our ring that help a family to the north i went to prison and were i learned our brother needy die and i got the ring but i might the one and the only caria Barton has the worst she owned everything and it was made but we got free so then
  • we should go out eat because i'm hungryyyy
  • we really should because i'm hungry to