Updated: 12/17/2020

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  • Echo was one of many nymphs who lived in ancient Greece and she loved to talk and tell stories but she sometimes talked too much.
  • The air smells great today
  • One day, Hera came down from Mt. Olympus in search of Zues when she bumped into Echo.
  • Oh it is wonderful to see you Hera.
  • Why have you come here?
  • Hera was furious with Echo's non-stop chatter so she cursed Echo so she could only repeat what other people say.
  • Too many words!
  • Echo then wandered off and found a handsome boy named Narcissus. Since she could not speak without someone else speaking first, she waited until the perfect moment to reveal herself.
  • I am perfect
  • Narcissus was fascinated by his image so he touched the water and to his surprise his image disappeared. He dove into the water to try and catch his reflection and was never seen again.
  • Don't leave me!
  • Don't leave me!
  • Echo was heartbroken and never ate or drank until she faded away. All that was left of her was her voice that repeats anything you say which is why we call it an "echo." Narcissus was not completely gone either, a flower grew where he was last seen and grew so it would always appear to be looking at its reflection.
  • Hello!
  • Hello!
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