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Buddhism Storyboard
Updated: 1/10/2020
Buddhism Storyboard
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  • Hey Musafakita how did Buddism begin? How did it spread? Where did it Begin?Where did it spread?
  • I'll tell you!
  • It began because the buddha sat under a tree, meditated and became the buddha.It spread because Merchants,Monksand Missionarysspread it by using the silk road.
  • Buddhism Startedin India.Buddhism thenspread to country's suchas China,Japan, Korea, etc.
  • Buddhism teachesdharma, the moralconduct of karma. Moral Conduct is the principle human behavior that promotes orderly, peaceful life in a town or community. dharma determines your karma. dharma is the good things you do. That's what leads to good karma. Karma is the result of a persons actions in the present and past times and existences, deciding their fate in future existences.
  • What does Buddhism teach?
  • One way Buddhism and Hinduism are connected is, they both believe in the power of karma and dharma (the moral conduct of karma) Their also connected because they both agree on reincarnation. reincarnation is being re-born but in a different body
  • How are Hinduism and Buddhism connected?
  • No Problem Mrs.Conjilita
  • Thank you so much Musafakita!
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