The Most Dangerous Game

Updated: 1/22/2019
The Most Dangerous Game

Storyboard Text

  • One night two sailors, Whitney and Rainsford were sailing. When everyone else was asleep, Rainsford went on the deck to smoke his pipe. He dropped his pipe and went to pick it up. Then he heard gunshots and fell off the boat.
  • Boom! Boom! Boom!
  • Rainsford washed up on Ship Trap island. He saw lots of lights and ended up knocking at the door of a giant house.  A weird looking man who couldn't speak or hear answered the door. 
  • He meant General Zaroff and ate with him. Rainsford then discovered General also loved hunting... but General Zaroff hunted humans!
  • Animals are wayyyyy to easy to hunt.
  • Rainsford was scared and wanted to leave. The General told him he had to play the game first or be whipped. Rainsford played the game. He set traps and got caught in quicksand. 
  • General Zaroff finally cornered Rainsford. He though he was going to win.  Just then Rainsford jumped off the cliff and the general thought he was dead.  The General went home and thought it was over.
  • That night general was lounging around when Rainsford jumped out of the curtains. Rainsford knew he needed to kill the General and he did.  He pushed General Zaroff down to the dogs and he died. Rainsford was very pleased.
  • I will sleep in his bed tonight and it will be the best bed yet!
  • By Aliya and Aysia