Trigonometry project

Updated: 3/18/2021
Trigonometry project

Storyboard Text

  • Sam is in a forest to get some photos in nature but needs help getting her camera into position and figuring out where to stand.
  • Sam decided to take a picture of this tree but needs to figure out what angle to position her camera in. If the tree is 9 meters tall and Sam is standing 4 meters away, about what angel does she need to position her camera in in order to capture the entire tree? We can figure this out by using the equation Tan-1(9/8) to get about 48 degrees. Therefore she needs to set up her camera at a 48 degree angle.
  • Sam came across this tunnel and thought that it would be nice to get a picture from there. The tunnel is 66 feet tall and she wants to get 1 foot of the ceiling in the shot. She has her camera angles at 38 degrees but needs to know about how far back to stand. We solve this by adding 1+6 to get 7 and then using the equation 7/Sine(38) to get roughly 11. She needs to be 11 feet away.
  • Sam comes across a family of squirrels and though she thinks it would make a cute picture, she is worried about scaring them away.
  • In order to avoid scarring them, there is 14 feet between her camera and the top of her shot. If she has her camera pointed at a 64 degree angle then about how far away is she standing? We solve this by using the equation Cos(64)*14 to get . That means she has to stand about 6 feet away to get her picture.
  • Sam has now been able to complete her journey to get pictures throughout the forest. Thank you for your help!