A Mistaken Friend
Updated: 1/26/2021
A Mistaken Friend

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  • A Surrogate Mother
  • Good job Eli!
  • A Busy Father
  • I will be right there Ellie...
  • A Housekeeper
  • Don't you worry Mr. Burton, I'm here to help.
  • After Elijah's mother passed giving birth to her, the only person who ever came close to being her mother was her NEON, Diana. She was digital, but she emitted a familiar warmth that Elijah found comfort it. Diana was her best friend. Her companion. As was her father, but he was so so busy. 
  • Missing Papers
  • The papers are missing Elijah. You're the only one that could've taken them! 
  • Dad, I swear I didn't! You have to believe me. I have no reason to take them !
  • Please calm down Mr. Burton!
  • Theodore is a bustling scientist, on the verge of a breakthrough in his research. He loves his daughter, even if he can't always show it, and sometimes work comes before her. He knows Diana is with her. He trusts her to make sure Elijah is looked after.
  • The Culprit
  • Diana doesn't only watch Elijah. She looks after the entire house. She's a security system, she knows more languages, recipes, and answers than any other being. However, she is digital. She can't physically do anything, but she helps greatly and can be found in any room you're in because of the screens installed when she was gifted.
  • A Goodbye
  • You know who, Sir. They did this to me. They made me watch you.
  • Who made you do this Diana?
  • When Theodore returns from work one afternoon, he finds that some of his vital papers for his research are missing from his office. Only Elijah had been in the house as always, along with Diana. But Diana couldn't have possibly taken them, so he puts the blame on Elijah.
  • In his wife's study, which has been locked away, Theodore finds his missing papers. He retrieves them, and when he turns to leave, Diana appears. But she had been programmed to not enter this room any longer. He observes her reaction and knows somehow she's responsible.
  • Diana? You're not supposed to be in here.
  • Theodore corners Diana and finally questions her. She admits that the government had rewired her secretly to surveil him. He knows what he needs to do. He needs to let her go. While Elijah begs for him to leave Diana alone, he begins to power her down and delete her software. When she realizes, she smiles, and she mutters "I loved you" before her screen goes blank.
  • Dad, don't. Please. I need her.