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Road to the Armenian revelation project
Updated: 10/23/2020
Road to the Armenian revelation project
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  • Navigation Acts
  • 1
  • this is unfair
  • we are losing moeny not be able to trade with anyone
  • 2
  • Stamp Act
  • this is not fair how can we ever pay our debt
  • Now I cant play with my cards or read my newspaper in the morning
  • Quartering Act
  • 3
  • ma I have to live in your home for a cupple of weeks
  • what?! I do not want you to stay in my home i do not know who you are
  • A:The law made it illegal to trade with anyone Brian.B:the clonloies were upset because they could not trade with anyone eels and could't find a way to make money.
  • Boston Massacre
  • 4
  • you are bad people !!
  • A; What happen in the stamp Act of 1765 is that the British were in debt of the war so they got tax of anything made out of paper B: The colonies were made and because they got tax on there own freedom like newspaper and playing cards so they could't have fun they were upset
  • Intolerable/Coercive Acts
  • 5
  • lets dump out all there tea
  • A: the colonist had to provide housing, food ,bedding for the British solider. B:the colonist were upset because they did't want a random person in there house .
  • 2nd Continental Congress
  • 6
  • united states its first country!!
  • A: 5 people were killed by the soldiers it was used propaganda by the colonist to turn people against the soldiers. B: the propaganda made it seem worse then what actually happen so the colonist to turn people against the soldiers.
  • look he is dead!!!
  • we did't mean to shoot
  • you don't understand ?
  • A:In the intolerable act they had to close the pot of Boston and also had to expand the Quartering act B:the reason they had to close the pot of Boston because when the colonist were upset they throw out all the tea into the ocean
  • there is for our rights
  • A:three important relations were made or discussions were made top box ,middle box ,bottom.B:it drafted the Declaration of Independence and was first constitution of the United States of America
  • we just drafed the Declaration of Independence
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