Medieval Japan
Updated: 5/13/2020
Medieval Japan
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Medieval Japan

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  • They wish they were us! Ha!
  • Yeah, but at least were not those guys!
  • Words Hurt!!!
  • The Emperor: The distant religious leader with little to no power, at the top of the social pyramid. Shogun and Daimyo: Shogun held the real power and were the highest ranking military class as well as led the government and Daiymo were at the top of the warrior class and served a Shogun and owned land and castles.
  • Samurai: Warriors of the Japanese Army who worked for a Daiymo and protected their village. Peasants/Farmers: Poor farmers who paid taxes in rice. Craftspeople: Made swords and were richer than peasants, but less respected because they grew no food.
  • Last but not least... Merchants: They did not produce goods and only made money by selling others goods. They were at the bottom of the social system, but some became rich by selling silk to the samurai class.
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