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Updated: 3/20/2021
Unknown Story

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  • So how was the year 2020?
  • Let me fill you in. There's a ton of crazy events that happened.
  • Wow.. that was the craziest year of my life...
  • Starting with March of 2020 we got hit with a pandemic. A virus that infected people rapidly, killing thousands. We were required to wear a face mask that protected our mouth and nose so we would not spread germs, and had to stay six feet apart. The entire country was quarantined for months.
  • I miss you too. Hopefully Covid will end soon and we can see each other.
  • I miss you so much grandma.
  • Schools were shut down until September. Virtual school was still an option for those afraid to go back. Sports were cancelled until about May and June, but even those were limited. Masks were required for the rest of the year into 2021. No large gatherings or groups of people.
  • Wear a mask!
  • Discrimination made an uprise. Asians were told to leave because Covid originated in China. Members of the black community suffered racism along with many Chinese. They were harassed and some even beaten to death. Members of the LGBT+ community had people hating on them as well.
  • You don't belong in my country!
  • Please don't hurt me- I'm innocent!
  • In an attempt to bring attention to the racist issues going on, the Black Lives Matter movement was created to help their voices be heard. There were many protests in hopes to regain justice for African Americans.
  • So many African Americans faced discrimination. Breonna Taylor, Elijah Mcclain, Yvette Smith, Patrick Warren, and so many more. Never. Forget.
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • President Biden won the election. Many republicans started to think the election was rigged, an there was an attack on the capitol building on January 6, 2021. Thousands of people destroyed the building killing five people.
  • uneducated liberal!
  • With the 2020 election uprising between Biden and Trump, kids in younger generations started becoming very involved. Our nation became divided, and some people would not even stay friends with someone who had a different political belief than them.
  • stupid trumpet!
  • I could never be friends with a liberal.
  • The election was rigged. Biden will not be my president.
  • Deal with it.
  • Womens Rights
  • Women became more scared for themselves as sexual assault allegations uprose. A survey showed that 97% of women have been harassed or felt uncomfortable around a man. (cat-calling, explicit photos, pressuring women, assault, etc.)
  • We stand together