The Scarlet Letter
Updated: 1/9/2020
The Scarlet Letter
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  • Hester Prynne is on trial for commiting adultery. She has a baby named Pearl. Hester refuses to say the fahers name, and for the punishment she wears a Scarlet Letter A on her chest.
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  • Did you guys see that letter A engraved on his chest
  • Roger Chillingworths Hesters husband made it to Boston, he was very angry. He plans on finding out who hesters love is and plot revenge. Chillingsworth also poses as an doctor to help the minister
  • I didn't see a letter on his chest
  • I did
  • When Pearl is 7, Hester Pearl, and Dimmesdale decided to run away to Europe together. Dimmesdale is getting more ill each day, holding his hand over his heart. Chillingsworth discovers the familys connection and plan; he books himself the same ticket on the same ship.
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  • Dimmesdale delivers his sermon. He ends the speech by calling up Hester and Pearl up on the scaffold with him. He acknowledges his part in commiting adultery, and by all the guilt he has for not stepping forward and being there for Pearl. He then opens his shirt and reveals the letter A engraved in his chest.
  • The townspeople can't believe what they saw, some even deny a letter was engraved on Dimmesdales chest. Chillingsworth dies within a year of Dimmesdale and leave all of his money to Pearl, she becomes very wealthy Pearl and Hester leave New England for Europe to start a new life.
  • Years later, Hester returns to Boston and lives in a cottage with Pearl. She still wears the Scarlet Letter A even though she doesn't have to. Women now come to Hester for advice and respect her. Hester then dies, and is burried next to Dimmensdale.
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