French and Indian War Comic strip.
Updated: 12/21/2020
French and Indian War Comic strip.

Storyboard Text

  • Underlying: Competition between Britan and France
  • Fire!!
  • This fighting began when the British government got West Indies, Canada under their control and also when they tried to get control of the Ohio River Valley and its trade facilities. 
  • Fire!!
  • Direct: The Ohio River Valley & Fort Duquense
  • When the french army captured Fort Duquesne, they wanted to stop and control the Ohio River Valley trading and the growth westward. When young George Washington was sent with a batch of some militiamen, he was told to take over the Fort Duquesne and control the French in that area. This was the first incident and direct cause of the interaction of the British and the French during the French and Indian War. 
  • The Albany Congress
  • The main function of why this albany congress was called was to seeing the need for coordinating colonial defenses. Ben Franklin, the one in the middle of this congress, told all of these people in this discussion to plan the Albany Plan of Union for creating a council approval.
  • Braddocks Blunders
  • British General Braddock with a large force of lobsterbacks went from Fort Cumberland to the west (approx, 50 miles). On this journey, Braddock encountered a French army of 200 troops and had a fight here. the weapons were pulled out and casualties occurred.
  • Native Americans Take Sides
  • We, the Algonquians, will aid the French
  • We, the Iroquois, will help the british
  • We don't want to aid anyone (neutral)
  • Native Americans played a huge role in different countries. They helped raise the army size of whichever army. The Iroquois helped the British and the Algonquins aided the french. Some of the other Indian Tribes didn't help any country and decided to be on their own.
  • British Victory
  • Peace of Paris
  • Willian Pit, the prime minister of Britain, took charge and sent some troops to Canada for conquering. His troops took over Louisbourg in 1758, and Montreal in 1760. After the Peace of Paris was signed in 1763, the British now had control of French Canada and Florida. France then moved back to Spain territories like Louisiana.
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