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Language Arts 1
Updated: 10/10/2019
Language Arts 1
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  • Exposition
  • Whatever!
  • Don’t throw things in class!
  • I’m gonna have to study all week for this test! I’m so nervous!
  • Don’t worry! You are gonna do great
  • Rising Action
  • Yes
  • May I get a pencil form my locker?
  • May I use the restroom?
  • Rising Action
  • George and Carly are sitting in class talking because they are done. George is talking about how nervous he is for the test. He said he is going to have to have to study notes all week.
  • Rising Action
  • George is really nervous for the math test next week. He said he is going to have to study his notes all week. Carly told him not to worry. Bill gets in trouble for throwing a tennis ball.
  • Oh no! My notes are gone someone must’ve taken them.
  • We’ll talk about it at lunch. Let’s go!
  • Yea sounds good.
  • George and Carly ask to go to get a pencil and go to the restroom. Bill is still angry from getting in trouble. He is walking to get a paper to doodle on.
  • Rising Action
  • We will go to your house later to make a plan. Sound good?
  • We can do that tomorrow and question people. We can ask them what they were doing
  • While George and Carly went outside the classroom. Someone went up to George’s math notes and took them. Nobody was watching the person take it.While
  • Rising Action
  • We can go to school tomorrow and do like a detective investigation.
  • George and Carly come back into the classroom to find George’s notes have been stolen. They don’t have much time to say anything more because the lunch bell then rings. Carly said they will talk about it at lunch
  • That’s the bell class. Go to lunch.
  • George and Carly start making a plan on how to figure out who stole the notes. They will go over to Carly’s house after school to talk more about it.
  • Carly said they should do an investigation like a detective. George agreed and says they should interview the people in their class to see what they were doing during that time period.
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