Rock cycle
Updated: 1/24/2020
Rock cycle
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  • Great!I'll do Metamorphic!
  • Good Morning class!Today were gonna be learning about the rock cycle.
  • I guess i'll try Intrusive Igneous.
  • I'll do Sedimentary!
  • I'll do Extrusive Igneous!
  • I think an intrusive igneous rock forms when magma cools inside of a volcano cools.Right?
  • A Metamorphic rock forms when heat and/or pressure cause older rocks to form into new ones.
  • Lucy for dismissal please.
  • Bye guys!
  • A Sedimentary rock forms when other pieces of older rocks, material,plant( etc.) get pressed or cemented together.
  • A extrusive igneous forms when lava outside of a volcano cools.
  • Well I can tell you how a igneous rock becomes a sedimentary.First the igneous goes through weathering and erosion.Then it goes through cementation and compaction.
  • All of these answers are correct but can you tell me how one rock becomes another?
  • A sedimentary rock becomes a metamorphic rock when it goes through the process of heat and pressure.
  • Well there goes the bell!Bye Mrs. G!
  • Don't forget how a metamorphic becomes a igneous.It melts first and then cools and hardens.
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