Spanish History Storyboard
Updated: 1/30/2020
Spanish History Storyboard
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  • The Spanish Reconquista: Forming Alliances
  • I believe that the only way we're going to reconquer our land is to join forces.
  • If it's what we need to do to defeat the Moors, then I accept your request to unite!
  • The Spanish Inquisition: The Announcement
  • As a result of our takeover of Granada, we have re-instated the inquisition.
  • Any citizen who has yet to convert to Roman Catholicism will face consequences. It's in your best interest to confess now.
  • The Spanish Exploration: An Oppurtunity
  • Sorry.
  • No.
  • Sure!
  • No way.
  • King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile formulate a plan to join armies in order to retake the land the Moors have controlled for over 700 years. They will go on to marry each other to rule the land together.
  • The Spanish Reconquista: Defeating The Moors
  • January 2, 1492
  • It's happening!
  • Don't hurt me! I'll do it! I'll give up the land!
  • In the same year they captured Granada, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella announced that they would reintroduce the Inquisition. Anyone who did not convert to the Catholic faith could be kicked out of the kingdom, enslaved to dungeons, tortured, or killed.
  • The Spanish Inquisition: Torture Techniques
  • Talk, or be punished!
  • I'm sorry! I read the Quran!
  • Hehe...
  • Christopher Columbus was rejected many time by many nations for his request to sail west across the Atlantic Ocean. They believed that their would be nothing there and it was too expensive and too risky to fund. Eventually, Queen Isabella was the one who decided to fund his adventure.
  • The Spanish Exploration: Success
  • Men, we've done the impossible! We've found a new route to India!
  • On January 2nd, 1492, Muhammad XII, the sultan of the Moors at the time, surrendered the land of Granada to the Spanish. The Reconquista had now been successfully complete.
  • The Inquisitors would torture anyone who was accused of not converting to the Catholic faith. Their main goal was never to kill the citizens, but to make them feel lots of pain to the point where they will give up information for the pain to stop.
  • After many long days at shore, Columbus and his crew had finally reached land that they thought was India, but this area was actually the current day Bahamas.
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