Wonder Chapter 3

Updated: 4/23/2021
Wonder Chapter 3

Storyboard Description

THIs is my story board mrs barton - natalee 😊

Storyboard Text

  • ''the principle told auggie his name, he started to laugh'' '' Because his name was Mr. Tush man
  • when he got into the school the principle said '' there are a few kids i would like you to meet'' (he was nervous)
  • He was nervous then they introduced themselves ''I'm jack or jack will some people call me by my last name'' '''Im Jullian and dude what happened to your face like did you fall into a fire or sum' ''
  • ''no I didn't fall into a fire I was born like this''
  • oh ok so wait you mean to tell me that your parents have to see that everyday ?
  • Duede stop he knows his mom and Dad see him like this everyday it is his personality so LEVE HIM ALONE !!!