Modern Parables
Updated: 1/29/2021
Modern Parables

Storyboard Text

  • You're going to need your book. Find it.
  • .
  • Class, take out your books.
  • I lost my book!
  • Ring!
  • Class, it's time to go.
  • .
  • My book isn't in this room...
  • Teacher, have you seen my book?
  • I haven't seen your book, sorry.
  • One morning, Annie lost her book.
  • Is anyone missing a book? There's one right here.
  • She looked for it in class, but she couldn't find it.
  • My book!
  • She checked all over the place, but she couldn't find her precious book.
  • .
  • I found my book! Lunch is on me, guys!
  • Finally, when the school day ended, she went back to her homeroom. Her teacher asked a question.
  • .
  • Annie found her book, and she was happy.
  • .
  • She celebrated because she found her book. It was the one she needed most, more than the ones which were in her desk.