Updated: 2/2/2021

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  • Hi I 'am going to my grandma, I am very excited to go to her house. My mom told me to be carful because there is some foxes and I told her don't worry.She told me again don't to any body.me: ok ok
  • 4- Oh ok, I am going to grand ma here is her house.
  • Ho, finally it's my grandma house let's enter.
  • 6- Of course but wait you can enter before me I am going to see something
  • 2- Oh my god a fox
  • 1- Hello sweet where are you going?
  • 5- Can I come with you
  • 3- NO no, don't worry I will not hurt you I am a good fox.
  • After the fox ate my grandma I just felt sad and I tell my self how stupid am I, then I told the hunter everything happened and we got my grandma out of his tommy, then I apologized to my grandma and mom. Be carful