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Updated: 2/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • there are natural sources to carbon dioxide like out gassing from the ocean, decomposing vegetation and other biomass, volcanoes, and naturally occurring wildfires 
  • burning oil, coal and gas, and deforestation are the primary causes of increase in carbon dioxide created by humans
  • carbon dioxide controls the am out of water vapor in the atmosphere and thus the size of the green house effect this mean earth temperature will increase because of the carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere
  • a greenhouse gas is a gas that absorbs infrared radiation. this increases the heat called the greenhouse effect. Some example of the greenhouse gases are water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide. methane, and ozone
  • the green house effect is a process that warms earths surface this maintains earth temperature at around 33 degrees. the greenhouse is one of the the things that makes earth comfortable for life
  • main effects of climate change would be more droughts, heat haves, storms rising sea level melting glaciers and warming oceans can hurt animals.