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Updated: 5/27/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Ok Huck i am going to the village to buy some wood stay here until I come back.
  • Bye pap. 
  • i'm sure he's not going to come back today i'm gonna escape and go to Jackson's island. I took my ax, i took my food, and i took the corn meal. And now all i need to do is pretend i have died.
  • Huck wants to run away because he doesn't want to live with pap or Miss. Watson so he runs away when pap goes to get wood from the town.
  • Oh no is that pap i thought he wouldn't come back today. ill go hide under that willow branch
  • Huck gets ready to run away and gets all his food and supplies he needs so he can go to live alone on Jackson island for a while.
  • Wheres the island i remember it was here somewhere. Oh there it is i'm almost close to shore.
  • He kills a pig and with its blood he pretends that he has died so no one finds out that he ran away.
  • I'm tired i'm going to sleep.
  • Huck rides his canoe to the island and sees pap but he quickly hides so pap doesn't see him.
  • He took a short nap in the boat but when he woke up he was lost but he found the island anyway and got to shore.
  • Huck was tired and it was late so he took a nap.