Newton's Three Laws - Comic Strip
Updated: 1/14/2021
Newton's Three Laws - Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • 1st Law
  • This bowling ball is accelerating into a bowling pin. The bowling pin at a rest.
  • The bowling ball rolled into the bowling pin and knocked it over and stopped. The pin moved away from where it was last and fell.
  • This van is accelerating and it has a higher mass than the other sedan.
  • 2nd Law
  • This car is parked and has lower mass than the van.
  • The cars crashed and the van stopped and the sedan bounced back, because of the van acceleration and mass.
  • 3rd Law
  • These two cars are conversing on each other with equal speed and magnitude.
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  • These two cars bounced back after the car crash because both of the cars just interacted with each other and had equal magnitude and opposite directions.