Breadwinner StoryBoard
Updated: 2/5/2021
Breadwinner StoryBoard

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  • Maryam
  • Mother
  • Nooria
  • Maryam waits for Parvana to return back home with water and food while she starves in that time being.
  • Mrs. Weera
  • ''Parvana? Why are you running with all that bread?''
  • Mother stays on the Toshak without getting up at all until Mrs. Weera comes along.
  • Parvana
  • ''I'm not so sure about this..''
  • Nooria tells herself she is tired of taking care of the younger siblings.
  • Shauzia
  • Mrs. Weera finds parvana running with bread in her hand.
  • Parvana is not sure about going to dig up bones